Car Insurance Guide

Car insurance

Types of Car Insurance:

There are a number of different car insurance policies around and it can get confusing, but we will break it down and make it easy for you to pick the policy that suits you best.
Generally, there are 3 types of auto insurance cover: comprehensive, third-party and third party (fire and theft). Comprehensive cover protects the main insured party’s car including other people and their properties as long as they are eligible to drive the main party’s car.
Third party policy on the other hand, only covers damages that the main policy holder may cause to other third party’s property. The third party (fire and theft) cover is similar to the standard third party, but includes fire and theft cover for your car as well.
In Nigeria, the law requires all cars to be insured, and the level and type of insurance depends on individual circumstances. Most insurance covers run for 12 months, and must be renewed after expiration, although, there are cases where car insurance cover is required for a short period of less than 12 months.
Premium payments can be staggered monthly or paid annually depending on the terms and conditions of each provider. Start your search, get an instant quote and be covered.

auto insurance

Optional extras

There are some additional features that can be combined with your policy but do not come as standard features. When comparing quotes, review the details carefully and add optional features of your choice.
This comes at a cost but in the long run, this additional cost may accord you peace of mind among other added advantages. Review the policy details, terms and conditions and make informed choice.
Optional extras also vary from one insurer to the other, as what comes as standard with one policy might be an option in the other. The differences are often reflected in the quoted price. You are able to opt in for these add-ons if you so wish.
While one insurer may include windscreen cover as standard, another might exclude it. Other common exclusions include legal expenses, a courtesy car and breakdown cover.
You will be able to buy these as add-ons to your policy as long as you are convinced it is what you require and that it meets your needs at that particular time.
Driving Tips :
Take caution:
Driving itself is one of the most dangerous activities that people do daily, it requires alertness, care and caution. Nigerian roads are not the best of roads when you compare with other parts of the world, which brings a higher level of risk to bear. Whether you are insured or not, it is important that you stay safe, and keep others safe while driving at all times. Avoid being a danger to yourself and to others.
Check your car:
Before your zoom off each day, you should take time out to do the basic point checks. Older cars are more prone to breakdowns when you least expect, therefore for your own peace of mind, go the extra mile to check your tires, oil level, brakes, lights, etc. Also ensure that the car is well serviced at least once a year, especially before embarking on a long journey.

Avoid drink driving

It is an offence to drink and drive; totally not worth it. Drink driving ranks as one of the major causes of fatal accidents globally. Alcohol reduces your level of concentration and alertness, do not tempt fate by thinking you cannot get intoxicated. Endeavour to plan ahead to avoid driving if you are under the influence of alcohol.


Watch your Speed

Speed kills!!! For a fact, speed limits are rarely enforced in Nigeria, although there are ongoing efforts to this effect by the government. It is thus to your own advantage and for your safety and others, to avoid over-speeding, or speeding in extreme weather conditions. Always watch your speed and be considerate of other road users.

Focus and stay alert

If for any reason, you feel tired or stressed, park your car somewhere safe and take a rest, because fatigue is also a major cause of road accidents. Ensure you are very alert, aware, awake, and focused before you take to the wheels. Driving while fatigued is dangerous and may potentially lead to dangerous consequences if you lose concentration even for a split second.
If you feel tired, but are unable to park somewhere safe, you may turn on the radio, roll your side windows down, start a conversation, etc. It is recommended to take a 15 -minute break at least, for every 2 hours journeying.

Avoid Distractions

Reduce your levels of distraction when you drive. These include the use of mobile phones, interactions with passengers, attending to other things whilst driving, emotional imbalance, and many more. Stay focused and concentrate as much as you can

How and where to buy your car insurance

Generally, you can buy insurance directly from the provider or a broker, or designated agent that acts on behalf of the broker. They only have information that relates to their principal’s policies per time. And as a result, you are unable to measure if you are deriving value for money. There is limited access to other providers and this reduces your options of getting a lower price for more value.
Our site bridges this gap by bringing providers and customers together in one market place. Thus, buyers have access to a wide range of insurance providers across the industry, empowering you for sound judgement and value-driven decisions. You can compare on in an instant.

False Claims

It is a criminal offence to commit insurance fraud, hence it is key to provide accurate and honest answers. Your insurance may be cancelled if the provider discover that you may have provided incorrect or misleading information.
If your circumstances changes at any point in time during your policy term, be sure to inform your provider of those changes as soon as possible, as non-compliance may invalidate your policy and you may suffer loses.

Eligibility Questions

Endeavour to provide honest answers to all the required eligibility questions. We require some basic information from you to determine your needs, preferences, type of insurance cover you want and give you a quote in real time.
The questions are tailored to capture the most basic data, as without it we may not be able to give you a quote, therefore make sure you answers are honest, practical and not misleading.