Get Financially Naked


how to talk money with your honey

As Manisha and Sharon traveled the country marketing their first book, ON MY OWN TWO FEET, over and over they found that the chapter women were most drawn to was a chapter they almost didn’t include – a short discourse on love and money.  After hearing hundreds of first hand accounts of women who found this aspect of their relationships wholly unsatisfying, Manisha and Sharon realized there is a huge, gaping need in the current financial literature.  People are starved for a fun, basic guidebook that shows them how to talk about money with their mate. Enter… GET FINANCIALLY NAKED.

Study after study shows that money is one of the top causes of fights in marriages, divorce, and general life stress.  It’s no wonder.  When you meet that someone special, what do your friends ask you?  They ask if you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually compatible.  However, when was the last time you heard someone ask if you were financially compatible?  Probably never.  Yet financial compatibility is one of the greatest predictors of whether or not your relationship will survive over the long-term.

The goal of GET FINANCIALLY NAKED is to highlight this proverbial pink elephant in the room. Manisha and Sharon will teach readers to become more confident living the (financial) lives of their dreams AND how to be in (financially) happy, respectful, sustainable relationships. In these tough economic times, this is the ultimate gift that a woman can give herself. GET FINANCIALLY NAKED will arrive in bookstores in January 2010.

Give you (and your family) the greatest financial gift of all:  CHOICE.  In Get Financially Naked you will learn how important it is – and how empowering it can be – to have the financial conversations one must have in sound, happy, lasting relationships.  Buy this book now!
– Evelyn Dilsaver, Former President and CEO, Charles Schwab Investment Management

Sharon & Manisha have hit the sweet spot, making a complex subject engaging, fun and accessible. As a personal financial advisor who works with women, their families and their businesses, I see many couples struggle with money related issues.  In Get Financially Naked, they use common sense, humor and straight talk to help and motivate women to create an open dialog with their partners about money. This is a great book.
– Cathy Curtis, CFP, Owner, Curtis Financial Planning: Financial Planning

What could be more important than conquering the holy grail of financial compatibility? Get Financially Naked provides a surprisingly clear roadmap for building a financial bridge between you and your partner that takes the anger out of money. It’s the perfect primer for what everyone wants; to work together with your life partner to build financial security and worth.
– Christine Merser, President, Blue Shoe Strategy

In today’s fast-paced world of social media, many people post intimate details of their lives on Facebook or Tweet every thought that occurs to them in a day. I implore all women to consider the possible consequences of notbringing that same passion and financial transparency to your committed relationship.  I will be purchasing armfuls of Get Financially Naked to gift to my friends. It is never too late to achieve financial harmony using the tools and tactics so entertainingly laid out by Manisha and Sharon.
– Bryn Johnson, Director, Strategy Consulting at & Author of Read the Room