On My Own Two Feet


a modern girl’s guide to personal finance

Did you know that a $100 pair of jeans could end up costing you almost twice that much if you pay only the minimum balance on your credit card each month? Or that 90% of American women will be the sole keeper of their personal finances at some point during their lives?

Whether you’ve been living paycheck-to-paycheck, are trying to save for a down payment on your first home, or are hoping to one day retire in comfort, On My Own Two Feet can help. This succinct guide will teach you how to balance your desire to live well today with the need to save and invest for tomorrow. This lively, no-nonsense financial book explains:

• How much of your income to save
• How to avoid the perils of credit card debt
• How to create a budget you can live with (and still have fun!)
• How to invest wisely using a powerful, keep-it-simple plan
• How to deal with real life situations – such as figuring out how much home or car you can afford & how to handle money when you couple up with that someone special

On My Own Two Feet redefines Personal Finance 101. The sooner you apply the basic financial concepts highlighted in On My Own Two Feet, the more likely it is that you’ll achieve common life goals such as owning a home, providing for yourself or your family, taking fun vacations, and retiring in comfort – all free from financial stress.

“This is the path to true liberation: how to handle all those hard-earned dollars. Or make do with what you’ve got. And if I were a modern boy, I’d put on a wig and buy one as well. We all need this guidebook.”
– Lynn Sherr: ABC News Correspondent & Author of Outside The Box: A Memoir

On My Own Two Feet is a must-read for all women who want to own their own destiny. In clear, penetrating prose, Thakor and Kedar guide their readers along the journey to financial security and personal freedom. Whether you are going to run a corporation, a household, or your own extraordinary life, this book is indispensable.”
– Nancy F. Koehn: James E. Robison Professor of Business

Administration, Harvard Business School“A real page turner – and that’s not something typically said about personal finance books! On My Own Two Feet is chock full of powerful, straightforward advice about how to take charge of your financial future. Trust me, you can’t afford to miss this book.”
– Denise Brosseau: Co-Founder, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

On My Own Two Feet is the financial equivalent of the basic black dress and red handbag in every woman’s closet. Choose it early and use it often for maximum positive effects. I mentor many young women, and this book will be one of my recommended financial tools as they build for future professional and personal dreams.”
– Betsy Heller Cohen: Vice President & Futurist, Nestlé Purina Petcare Company

“If you’ve got a nagging sense of needing to put your financial life in order but dread facing up to it, On My Own Two Feet gives you the solid, straightforward advice you need, in a brief and super-efficient manner. This guide is an excellent place to start when you don’t know where to begin (and don’t even feel like getting going!)” 
– Shira Boss: Author of Green With Envy: A Whole New Way to Look at Financial (un)Happiness